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Information on the service provider

Ownership of the web site: The web site is owned by Rihu One Torremolinos, S.L., a company registered with the Company’s Registry in Malaga under volume 4,955, folio 222, page MA-111,693, Registration 1st and NIF [Spanish Fiscal Identification Number] B93164358, which is a service provider pursuant to the dispositions set forth in Act 34/2002 dated July 11th on Society Information Services and Electronic Commerce.

Communication of the users with the service provider:

Post and electronic address: The address of Rihu One Torremolinos, S.L. is calle Panaderos, 18, 2ª Dcha., CP 29005 (Malaga).

The users of the web site shall address their communications to the former post address or to the following e-mail address:

Web site’s conditions of use:

General conditions: The service provider and the users of the web site shall use the web site pursuant to the Spanish Legislation in force, the conditions stated herein and those terms that shall be set specifically for the particular consultation services. The use of the web site shall always comply with the principles of good faith.

When you are browsing the web site you do become a user and it shall be considered that you do know and accept the conditions stated herein. In the event that the user does not agree with such conditions, then, he or she shall stop browsing this web site.

The validity of the conditions of use shall be applied every time the user accesses the web site. In the intervals between the connections, these conditions of use may suffer any variation and therefore, the user shall take that into account and checking carefully this legal disclaimer every time that connects with the web site.

Price and taxes: All prices listed in the web site include the VAT.

Ownership of the content posted in the web site: All the content posted in the web site, namely the texts, graphs, logotypes, icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads and data collections are property of Rihu One Torremolinos, S.L. or their contents providers.

Responsibility on the contents:

Rihu One Torremolinos, S.L. shall not be considered responsible for the lawfulness of other web sites of third parties from which it may be possible to have access to this web site.

Rihu Torremolinos, S.L. reserves the right to make changes in the web site without prior consent with the aim of having its information updated by including, modifying, rectifying or erasing the contents published or the design of the web site.

Rihu One Torremolinos, S.L. shall not be responsible for the use that third parties may do of the information published in the web site neither of the damages caused or financial losses that, whether directly or indirectly may cause financial, or material damages as well as damages caused as a result of the use of such information.

Responsibility on the links

The links to which it is possible to access by this web site are managed by third parties and the service provider does not intervene in any way to the content of such web sites. Even if it has been checked that the links included in the texts of the web site leads to lawful information according to the web site subject, it is not possible to ensure at every stage that the headlines of the web sites to which those links leads to do actually have the information initially linked.

Accordingly, the service provider shall not be considered responsible for the information to which those links posted in the web site leads to.

We do kindly ask you to inform us about any mistake that you may note in the links by sending us an e-mail to