Cookies policy

The web site, as most of the web sites nowadays uses cookies of the company itself as well as those of third parties with the aim of making your visit easier and achieving data that allow us to know the preferences of the web user’s and this way to tailor the contents of such web site to the user’s preferences.


Cookies: Cookies are the files that the server of a web site send to the user’s computer, smartphone or table with the aim of storing and recovering data in the user’s device regarding the interest of the user on the Internet. Without cookies it would not be possible to surf the Internet as we know it.

Depending on the entity managing the equipment or IP from which the cookies are sent and the data achieved is processed, we shall define the following kind of cookies:

First-party cookies: These cookies are sent to the device of the user from an equipment or IP managed by the publisher itself from which the service requested by the user is provided.

Third-party cookies: These cookies are sent to the user’s device from an equipment or IP which is not managed by the publisher but by another entity that processes the data obtained through the cookies. The cookies which are placed from an equipment or IP managed by the publisher itself when the information collected is managed by a third party are also considered as third-party cookies.

This web site uses first and third-party Cookies. More specifically, it uses the following third-party Cookies:


Name Type Period in force Purpose
__utma Analysis Cookies (third-party cookies) 2 years from its development or modification. This is used to distinguish between users and sessions. The cookie is created when charging the javascript library and there is no a prior version of the Cookie __utma. This cookie is updated every time it sends the information to Google Analytics.
__utmz Analysis Cookies (third-party cookies) 6 months from its development or modification. It records the origin of the network traffic or the reasons explaining the pathway for the user to reach the web site. The cookie is created when the javascript library is charged and updated every time that it sends the information to Google Analytics.
_ga Analysis Cookies (third-party cookies) 2 years from its development or modification. It assigns a number to the visitor. This is Google’s main advertising cookies in web sites that are not part to Google.
obtga_valid Targeting Cookies. (third-party cookies) 1 año This is created to record the preferences on the use of cookies of social media as facebook, twitter, google plus, etc. It records “1” or “0” to know whether the user has given permission to record and uses other cookies or if the user does not want to do it.

Technical cookies: The cookies have an essential purpose of technical nature. They are used to distinguish the different users and act depending on which one it is, for instance, to remind that the user has already validated their details on the Web and allowing him/her to have access to restricted areas.

Customization Cookies: These are used to customize the web settings (e.g. to choose a language)

Analysis cookies: These are the cookies that whether being processed by the first or third party, enables us to quantify the number of users and this way to track and perform a statistic analysis of the behavior of the users of the service provided. For such purpose the user’s browsing in our web site is analyzed in order for us to improve the products or services we offer.

The web site uses the three type of cookies described above.

Advertising cookies: Apart from the cookies listed above, there are advertising cookies that enable the management of the advertising space that, if applicable, the publisher may have included in a web site, application or platform from which the service requested is provided based on different criteria as it may be the edited content or the frequency in which the advertisement are shown. The behavioral advertising cookings are those that, apart from the above, may storage behavioral information of the users achieved from the continuos monitoring of their browsing habits to draw-up a specific user profile based on which the most appropriate ads are displayed.

Depending on the time the cookies are active, these may be classified into session or persistent cookies. The session cookies are those designed to collect and storage data while the user accesses to a web site. The persistent cookies are those in which the data remain stored in the terminal equipment and may be accessed and processed for a limited period of time by the publisher which may range from a couple of minutes to several years.

The web site uses both kind of cookies.

Disabling and blocking cookies

In any case, we do inform you that you may block or disable all the cookies, or part of them, that are used in this web site by changing the settings in your browser. Most browser allow to warn you about the existence of cookies or to reject them automatically. In the event that you prefer to reject them, you may keep using our web site, even if the use of some of its services may be limited and therefore your browsing experience in our web site may be less satisfactory.

How to withdraw your consent.

In the event that you are aimed to withdraw your consent to this cookies policy, you shall erase the cookies stored in your equipment (computer or mobile device) by acceding to the setting of your Internet browser.

Unless the settings of your browser has been modified, our system shall create cookies as soon as you visit our web site. Please, be aware that all the browsers in the Internet allows the change of such settings.

You may find further information about how to disable and block the cookies in the browsers most frequently used in the following web sites:

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Changes in the cookies policy

It is possible that we may update the Cookies policy of our web site, therefore we do recommend you to check this policy every time you access to our web site with the aim of being duly informed about how and what we use the cookies for. The cookies policy was updated for the last time on September 21st, 2018.


Please, do not hesitate to contact us by writing to should you have any doubts, comment or suggestion regarding the cookies policy.